Energy is channelled in the Healing room which has an atmosphere of tranqullity
                      The Healing Room

When healing is channelled to a patient, only the shoulders and feet are actually touched by the Healer’s hands and always with the patient’s permission. The Healer acts as the conduit for the energy.  The patient remains seated in a chair throughout with eyes closed and in a relaxed state. The Healer uses their hands to first sense any energy blockages in the 7 main chakras.  Chakras are energy centres which can be balanced by the energy channelled through the Healer.

The Healer then completes a ‘body scan’ with hands held close to, but not touching, the body of the patient.  Finally, the Healer ensures the patient is fully grounded by placing both hands on the patient’s feet.  The patient is then allowed to gently and slowly return to awareness of their physical situation within the healing environment.

After a healing session patients are advised to take things calmly and rest. They usually feel more relaxed and at ease with themselves.  Healing has a subtle and gradually beneficial effect and can promote a sense of tranquillity and well being. It is not the Healer’s role to make a prognosis, or to offer a cure. The healing energy always acts for the benefit of the recipient at the highest level.


Fees for a healing session

The first healing session with Lucy can take up to two hours or more and costs £45. Subsequent sessions take about an hour, sometimes longer, and cost £30. If a patient requests a visit to a hospital or hospice a mileage fee of 80p per mile is also charged. All information a patient gives is strictly confidential: no details are recorded on a data base and any notes taken are always available to the patient.

Distance Healing

 Distance healing is channelled when  a person is unable to be present for a ‘hands on’ healing session.  On request your name can be added to the list of people who regularly receive distance healing from Lucy. There is no charge for distance healing. Simply email or phone your full name to Lucy. See Contact Me page for details.


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